Each student is an individual. Every situation is unique.

We work with students at their level. Regardless of where they begin academically, our students can expect to receive the combination of expert instruction, essential advice, and strong encouragement that is most effective to specifically address their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Every appointment, regardless of the subject matter, is an opportunity to develop in our students better study habits, higher-level thinking skills, confidence in their own abilities, pride in their work, and a real appreciation for the value of learning.

We expect a lot from our students; it is our mandate not only to respond to their immediate academic needs but also to challenge them to succeed beyond what they thought possible.

We are not simply tutors; we are educators who fully invest in our students’ success


We specialize in expert, personalized instruction in all major academic subject areas.

We demand of our instructors a level of proficiency well above the expectations of other companies. We recognize that the best tutor in one area is not necessarily an expert in another, and have therefore assembled a diversified faculty that includes superior instructors in a wide range of subjects. We define success not simply by improved grades, but also by the student’s greater and deeper understanding of both the material at hand and his or her own ability to learn.

With the combination of this depth of knowledge in specific areas of instruction and teaching experience far beyond the industry norm, our team of educators is uniquely qualified to help guide any student to success in any subject.



Our SAT program is rigorous and proven. We view the SAT and other standardized tests as valuable learning tools. With our approach to the material, preparing for a test becomes an opportunity to dramatically improve our students’ fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, while simultaneously developing valuable higher-level thinking skills such as critical reading, analytical reasoning, and self-evaluation. We seek to enrich our students' intellectual growth both within and beyond the scope of standardized tests, resulting not only in higher test scores but also improved skills that will accompany them in all future endeavors.

Using the College Board's Official Guide to the SAT, students complete two to three hours of homework each week and at least five practice tests over the course of the program.  By the time they take the real SAT, our students know exactly what to expect and are prepared for any question asked.


The personal statement and other essays are the best opportunities for students to stand out amidst the impersonal data of transcripts and score sheets. We help students find their own voices, expressing to the college admissions staff a passion, point of view, or personality trait not immediately evident elsewhere in the application.

For those families without access to the kind of personal attention provided by schools with strong college counseling departments, we also offer focused guidance with the college selection process. We work closely with students to find the schools that best match their interests, abilities, and ambitions.


Only rarely can educational issues be resolved simply by asking the student to work more or to try harder. In our work with students, no matter what the subject, we strive to look at the larger picture and to help families see and evaluate all of their available options. When needed, we can provide additional educational consulting in a variety of areas, including structured ADD/ADHD coaching for students and guidance for parents in how to effectively advocate for their children with respect to education.

HOMeschool supervision

Many homeschool situations result from a need to balance education with another priority, such as a program of recovery or a professional career in performance or athletics. We work with families to make sure that those priorities are fully addressed without sacrificing a solid high school education in the process.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
— Margaret Mead