"Thank you very much for your assistance with helping Rochelle study for her SATs. Your expertise in handling the logistics, meeting arrangements, tutoring sessions, and finding the right tutor are simply superb. I truly believe you open doors for our children. The competitiveness of the SAT and college admissions 'sport' in general sometimes lives our children frustrated and unmotivated, but with your help SAT was totally doable! Thank you for a great job."

- Maya S., Calabasas Parent

Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.
— Chinese proverb

"Deborah, I can't thank you enough for your extraordinary program and the improvement we've seen in Caitlin's SAT scores since working with David. He helped her improve her score by over 300 points, including a near-perfect 780 on her writing section. These scores brought an entirely new category of schools into range for her. She’s been accepted early admission to Villanova’s business school, a top ten program. She’s thrilled! We’re still waiting to hear from Princeton and Georgetown. We’ll let you know how it goes."

-Bill D., Notre Dame Parent

"I must write to thank Drew for working with Alex on his SAT preparation.  Alex has three older siblings who all had SAT prep, but none of them had the quality of help that you gave us! It couldn't have been easier—you came to our house, you tailored the work to exactly what Alex needed, and you gave him so much confidence. Somehow you motivated him to heights I could never have predicted. And you were so generous with your time, we know you really cared! Alex was admitted, Early Decision, to Whitman College in Washington, his first choice of school, and we give you much of the credit! I'm happy to be on your list of estatic parents. If anyone wants to chat further, please give them my contact information."

- Lyn Ayal, SAT Prep Parent

"We were fortunate enough to have a friend recommend Drew Brody and The Scholar Group to our family when we were looking for tutors for our children. The crew of tutors that have come through The Scholar Group over the last seven years have all been amazing. They are teachers who are so enthusiastic about teaching, who have had their own interesting life stories and have inspired our children in so many ways. We cannot recommend Aaron Auerbach enoug. He has helped our youngest daughter get through Spanish the last three years and is helping her finish her fourth year--he inspired her. Drew has tutored our children through French and Math and whatever else needed to be done and has worked with all three of our children to prepare for the SAT, followed by the college application and essay process. Drew has a way of making the college process less confusing and less overwhelming. Drew is now working with our son on his post graduate applications and essays. We have been so lucky to have been introduced to this impessive group of educators. We cannot leave Deborah out, she has been there every step of the way as well! Thank you all so much for everything."

- Linda Noel, Palisades Charter High School Parent

"We had no idea the results could be this big! My daughter's score jumped 320 points from her first SAT--and a perfect 800 in writing was icing on the cake! David came recommended to us by another Notre Dame family. Besides being professional and prompt, he really knows the SAT like the back of his hand, teaching my daughter the necessary skills to navigate the test. Those 'reach' schools can now be a reality. Worth every penny!"

- Shelly D., Notre Dame Parent

"Drew Brody and The Scholar Group have exceeded every expectation in shepherding our daughter, Emma, through the college application process. In addition to his emphasis on academics, Drew's comprehensive approach to supporting his students includes emotional and practical help. Emma's SAT scores have increased over 200 points under Drew's tutelage and more importantly, she's had the great fortune of making an extraordinarily competent and empathic friend along the way. I highly recommend Drew Brody and The Scholar Group." 

- Maria Mancuso Gersh, Archer Parent

"Our daughter's experience with The Scholar Group, and Drew in particular, could not have been more productive and successful. Not only did Drew provide consistent, patience and incredibly helpful tutoring and insight into the various SAT tests but he also provided her with invaluable counseling on her college application and essays.  We would recommend you guys to anyone and everyone! Thanks so much for everything."

- Brentwood School Parent

“Just wanted you to know that Danielle, who Jeremy Rabb helped, was accepted early admit to UPENN. We are so proud of her and thank you for your wonderful test prep program."

- Jacki Shepherd, Marymount Parent

"I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah and The Scholar Group. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with Deborah, who truly cared about her success. Deborah's level of professionalism, commitment and compassion was amazing. And yes, my daughter achieved her SAT goal. The experience we went through couldn't have been improved upon!"

- Tamara O’Connor, Harvard-Westlake Parent

“You are the best teachers we, literally, have ever met. Kelly went into the test on Saturday and felt great. Of course, it was difficult, but you both gave her advice and tips that no one else had ever given her. If she had that advice the first time, even if she didn't have any prep, she would have gotten a better score. My husband and I almost fainted when, at the end of the session, Kelly asked if she could ask him one more question. Thankfully it was a very quick question so David wouldn't be late for his next meeting, but usually after her math sessions, she is ready to fall off the chair. She was optimistic and learned a lot. Where have you guys been all of our lives?"

- Beth Speca, Marymount Parent

"Rob Johnson is not simply an excellent tutor; he is an incredibly bright, funny, caring and creative man. He tutored our daughter Halle, and at the very first session, he immediately established a common denominator of their mutual artistic and intellectual interests. He won her trust immediately. She none-the-less had all the expected anxiety attached to the entire process of the SAT’s particularly in math, but Rob’s approach was so incredibly creative, that he literally had her laughing and enjoying the process of learning content and strategy. She looked forward to every lesson with him, and it's insufficient to say that he also understood her strengths and weaknesses; he understood the way she thinks, thereby encouraging her to expand her own process. He doesn’t just help your child with the tests, he helps them in life -- he teaches them that every problem is a challenge, and an opportunity."

- Nanci and Bill Charlton, Crossroads Parents

“My daughter had her first session yesterday with Tim. After the session, she came out beaming and said that he is a really good tutor. She is a tough judge and that is high praise."

- Buckley School Parent

Aaron’s approach to teaching incorporates patience, humor, and persistence to achieve comprehension on the part of the student. Our son learned not only the subject of Spanish but also a greater focus and attention to the work at hand - valuable skills in any subject."

- Homeschool Supervision Parent

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful tutoring exerience. The SAT was actually enjoyable because of Jeremy Rabb!”

- Jacki Shepherd, Marymount Parent

“Jennie and I are thrilled with her scores. Thanks for all your help!”

- Lori Porter, Harvard-Westlake Parent

"Rob was the perfect combination for our son, Oliver. He knew how to motivate and inspire him to work hard without creating tremendous pressure. I know parents are concerned with results but the process Rob took him through helped not only with the SAT's but studying in general. We'll be calling you in the near future for our daughter!"

- Mari-Jo Deutschman, Crossroads Parent

“I'm going to visit both schools again and see how I feel! Thanks for all your help! I certainly could not have done it without you guys."

- Olivia C., Crossroads Student, on her decision after being accepted at both Harvard and Yale

"Drew's tutoring methods really helped Sean build his test-taking confidence. In addition, Drew was always readily available and willing to give Sean as much help and personal attention as he needed."

- Linda O'Brien, Brentwood Parent

"Before my tutoring sessions with Deborah and The Scholar Group, I was terrified of the Math section on the SATs. Not only did she help me improve my score on that section alone by 100 points, she gave me a newfound ability to approach Mathematics with excitement and confidence in all of my academic work. Plus, my other two sections' scores went up too! Much of my success in school and in my acceptances from colleges is because of Deborah and the amazing work that we did together."

- Melissa Cohen, Barnard College of Columbia University Student

"I wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. The boys are so lucky to have had this opportunity to work with you both on such a personal level. Thank you! Charles even told me that he felt it was very worthwhile and that he is very happy with his essay topics and his first draft."

- Linda Tyrer, Buckley Parent

"Rob was really helpful. He took difficult and dense material and broke it up so it was easier to understand and study. He helped me become more confident about taking the SAT."

- Shannon E., University of Arizona Student


"I got into Dartmouth! Thank you so much for the help on my essay. My dean said it was one of the best he's ever read - and he used to work in Admissions at Penn! I couldn't have done it without you."

- Jenna W., Harvard-Westlake Student

"Drew Brody is truly the answer to receiving top notch SAT tutoring. He was able to hone in on specific areas that my son needed assistance on rather than spending unnecessary time on his stronger areas. My son learned test-taking strategies and above all Drew provided an interesting and fun environment in which to learn. Mitchell's scores increased. I would recommend Drew's personalized attention over any Kaplan type course. It was money well spent."

- Stacey Hashimoto, South High School Parent

"Your process was a huge motivator and confidence builder. You laid out time schedules that were reasonable and set boundaries Garrett understood and could follow. You also zoned in on his problem areas and were able to adjust your program to fit his needs perfectly. Garrett now takes responsibility for his testing. He studies on his own, knowing his grades are "his grades", not the tutor's, or Mom's, or Dad's. He actually heads out early Saturday mornings knowing he is prepared and will do his best. What more could we ask for? We have no doubt if we had a dozen kids you could handle each in their own individual way. Thank you for being so flexible and squeezing us in when we panicked over deadlines. Thank you for keeping Garrett calm and confident, on a time line, and most of all doing it all himself. Thank you for always following up after testing, caring about his performance, and talking to him about his feelings of how he did. Last but not least, thank you for keeping all of us grounded and in perspective."

- Paget Chang, Brentwood Parent

"Marushka's grasp of math principles and overall test-taking abilities went to a new level as soon as she began tutoring with Drew. Drew cuts through the clutter and speaks a language that Marushka immediately resonated with. Drew's style of meeting a student where they are academically, then guiding them through challenges and hurdles in a way that's supportive, creative and intuitive, was a perfect fit for Marushka. I wish Marushka had met Drew much earlier--he found a way to make math fun even during the incredible stress of SAT prep. Plus, Drew takes genuine personal interest in his students' overall progress and well-being. He gets what it means to be an artist struggling to excel in areas like math. Most tutors don't understand how important it is to meet a student where they are, not where the tutor thinks they should be."

- Tilomai Ponder Blyth, Crossroads Parent



"It's just astonishing that Melissa raised her math score by 100 points. I think you really made a difference for her, and we thank you so much. Please book us now for Anne's SAT prep. Thanks. We're thrilled."

- Ramona Vipperman,  Harvard-Westlake Parent

"I ended up getting a 280 point increase which I'm really happy about. Thanks for everything. It certainly paid off!"

- Joseph Schwartz, Loyola High School Student

"Our daughter's scores improved by over 300 points to a total of 2330…I heartily recommend this organization and its tutors." 

- Salley E. Dichter, Simi Valley High School Parent

"Drew Brody is an outstanding math tutor. We had tried three Trig/Pre-Calculus tutors before calling Drew. What a difference! Our 11th grade daughter actually got an "A" on her mid-term. Drew is conscientious and dedicated to helping his students understand the material. We are very grateful to Drew."

- Nancy Steitz, Crossroads Parent

"Thank you Drew and Deborah for all your help with both Danny and Lauren! Danny felt much more confident taking the SAT's after your help, and his scores went up in both Math and English!!! Lauren continues to do extremely well, and her comprehension in English and Writing skills is great! She, too, is much more confident in herself and her work! Thank you for everything!!!"
- Ilene Katz, Crossroads Parent


"Rob was very patient and his tutoring methods were a perfect match to my daughter's learning style. My daughter's SAT scores improved 220 points after studying with Rob. Thank you, Rob!"

- Kel L., Palisades High School Parent

 "Thank you, Deborah. I couldn't be happier with my score!" 
- Kendall O'Connor, Harvard-Westlake Student